Free Reclaiming Judaism Haggadah

Passover, Pesach is a holy opera of spirit for which we prepare by cleaning and resetting the stage of our lives. different dishes, special foods, and a whole program called the seder (order) found in a book that is updated throughout the generations-- the Haggadah. This is lest we forget the gift inherent in creation's possibilities--and that gift is freedom! 

Attached, free and downloadable at the bottom of this page you will  find a simple, songful, spiritually reflective and uplifting seder that you are free to print out and use. Created by Rabbi Goldie Milgram with Julie Schechter with the intent of a 1 hour seder with a mixed audience many of whom were alienated by religious services and Hebrew school while younger, many intermarried, and some children present. Cut, paste or use it whole. 
    And the insanely cool Matzah Portraits are by Coby Unger and she tells how to do them yourself at And, if you're good at grammar, corrections where the Hebrew adaptations can be improved are most welcome.

Blessings for a happy and meaningful Passover from everyone at Reclaiming Judaism!