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November 5, 2014 - 9:24pm - March 15, 2015 - 9:24pm

We heard you cry out to us in the wilderness: "We need more time!" Accordingly the new written submissions due date for the juried volume "The Wisdom of Reb Zaman" Schachter-Shalomi is March 15. True quotes, vignettes, stories, ritual...

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Part of the Torah portion Shemot [Exodus 1-2:10] reads like a screenplay writer's first draft of a script-- for in chapter 2 verses 1-9 not even one character has a name. Take a look at the clever build up in this text toward the one name that matters to those redacting the Torah...

The Exodus: Metaphor for the Art of Our Lives
February 8, 2015    4-6:30 pm
Location : Zell Room, Jewish Federation,
580 McIntosh Rd., Sarasota, FL

Jewish Artists Explore is a...

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Goldie Milgram and Ellen Frankel, (Eds) with Arthur Kurzweil, Batya Podos, Peninnah Schram, Danny Siegel, Mindy Shapiro and Shoshana Silberman
Reclaiming Judaism Press

Looking for stories that excite the imagination, open the heart, and support good values? This juried volume, the second in the award-winning Mitzvah-Centered Life Initiative, offers vibrant new Jewish folklore,...

Rabbis Goldie Milgram and Shohama Wiener, Eds.
Reclaiming Judaism Press

Seeking and Soaring provides the opportunity to meet and learn from thirty-one Jewish spiritual guides, teachers and scholars...

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Some Recent Shabbatonim, Scholar-in-Residencies and Workshops
Given for Communities and Conferences
by Rabbi Goldie Milgram

Themes: Reclaiming Judaism as a Spiritual Practice; Creating a Mitzvah-Centered Life; Advances...

Last week, five different people wrote me asking if making a gingerbread Hanukkah house might be a welcoming compromise for intermarried families and for those experiencing Christmas envy.

Some people even sent me links to articles about the Manischewitz Manischewitz Do-It-Yourself...