When is Purim 2017? Dates and Thoughts on Preparation and Celebration

Posted by Rabbi Goldie Milgram |

Purim begins after sundown on Saturday, March 11th this year and finishes the evening of Sunday, March 12th. How did Esther whip the King and evil vizier Haman into shape? By using everything she had to make a difference. I'm imagining us pouring costumed out of our Purim events with signs that unite people around shared Jewish values like healthcare, education, honesty, care for the poor and refugees, welcoming immigrants for we remember where we came from, care for the environment, support for culture and the arts. Who would you be? What kind of a leader for justice are each of us? Who would you wish to emulate? Let's have our masks on to show our role models and talents and values! Maybe even show up on the sidewalk near those in power.