Closing RItual

by Barry Bub, MD

Joan, come in, we’re waiting for you!" I had called her for the third time.

A Caregiver’s Kaddish for a Patient

Is it possible to allow time in a medical practice to really notice who has died and what they have meant to those who have been involved in their care?

It is traditional to say Kaddish once burial has taken place. There are several forms of Kaddish in Jewish liturgy more familiar among them are the Reader's Kaddish, hatzi-kaddish, Kaddish d'rabbanan (respect for teachers) and Mourner's Kaddish.

This caregiver's Kaddish is based on the internal meaning of the traditional Kaddish, and is designed to be said by the professional staff. This could really be a Kaddish said by any professional care giver - chaplain, home health aide, therapist, etc.