Session 1: Torah as Metaphor, Session 2: Exploring the Meaning of Being Jewish

February 21, 2016 - 12:00pm - 4:00pm
Limmud Miami

Experiential Learning with Reb Goldie at Limmud Miami.
This is an inspiring day of cutting-edge Jewish learning with some 1000 conference attendees! Session descriptions:

Noon: Torah as Metaphor: Why DIdn't They Teach This in Hebrew School

Our sages delight in Biblical metaphors such as water, rock, cloud, and light, yet these are little taught, even though the Talmud, Midrash and Zohar reveal them to be portals to a mature sense of the divine, an expanded consciousness that helps us to reclaim the two wings the Zohar says a soul needs to fly: Love and Awe. In this session we will consider one metaphor--"Water/Clouds" through guided text study, bibliodrama, storytelling, meditation and chevruta--study in pairs, to take a taste of what kept the sages riveted, that is our accessible spiritual legacy, as well.

3 pm:  Exploring the Meaning of Being Jewish

This workshop will identify and explore the Jewish spiritual practices you are most drawn to, while discovering the answer to "If I'm already a good person, why be Jewish?" And, given that a meaningful Jewish spiritual life is inspired by powerful stories that are well told, we will begin with a vibrant telling of Rabbi Goldie Milgram's "The Missing Mitzvah Feathers," a true story that takes place in Russia and the Ukraine as Perestroika dawns.

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